The Next Something

I started Good Game Reads because I thought I was reading a lot of good writing about games that wasn't easy to find. I love stumbling upon long-form, insightful, technical, and emotional pieces that provide a unique perspective on a medium I love. I wanted to make that stuff more accessible and maybe even discuss that kind of writing with other people. After publishing these weekly blog posts for about four months, I've realized a few things:

  • All this writing has shown me how many great games I missed and continue to miss.

  • The Good Game Reads articles combined with a book on how to get started programming games has motivated me to take a shot at making my own games. It's...time consuming.

  • I don't have the time or know-how to get enough readers for a games writing curation blog to make much sense.

  • I have started to enjoy writing the prologues to Good Game Reads posts more than finding and writing quick blurbs about the articles themselves.

  • It is entirely possible, though unlikely, that I could write interesting things about games instead of linking to others.

All those things together have brought me to the decision to wrap up the Good Game Reads posts for now. Finding all these inspiring words about games has been a great experience. I want to take that forward and focus on making, playing, and writing about making and playing good games. Look out for that in the future. For now I have to get back to my latest hot new game purchase. I hear it's pretty good.