Good Game Reads 8 - March 3rd 2017

This was a rough week to be a monogamous Xbox One owner. Horizon: Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild both appear to be killing it on their respective consoles. The Games Pass thing seems like a good move though. This is the kind of subscription service that feels like a more appealing way to make that pesky disk drive obsolete. It also brings us closer to that always online requirement that Microsoft had in its vision for the Xbox One.

Worldbuilding on a budget
Developers of Owlboy, Firewatch, and Nuclear Throne talk about their strategies for creating fleshed out worlds in smaller games. There are some clever techniques and subtle pitfalls that I would have never considered.
Brendan Sinclair

Nintendo Collection Master, Isao Yamazaki
Get a glimpse of Nintendo's history before they started making video games. Yamazaki shows off his rarest toys and talks about his involvement with the Nintendo museum. He also explains the philosophy of a Nintendo designer that still guides the company today: "Lateral thinking with withered technology".
Michael Richey And Kanae Nakamine

"Make it Biblical:" How Vagrant Story Changed Game Localization
I have memories of Vagrant Story being a unique and enjoyable RPG, but I had no idea it moved the localization profession forward so much. Find out how a two-man team added medieval English flavor to a Japanese game.
John Learned

Where Do Dwarf-Eating Carp Come From?
Most people will never touch Dwarf Fortress, myself included. Though, like many others, I love to marvel at it from a distance. This article from 2011 follows the creators of the game and provides some fascinating insight into their minds and development process.
Jonah Weiner

Catherine is unflinching, messy and uplifting — just like real life
After reading this I realized Catherine is not at all the kind of game I thought it was. I am both sorry I missed it and glad it has been written the love letter it deserves.
Simone de Rochefort