Good Game Reads 7 - February 24th 2017

The Nintendo Switch is out next week, so of course this week I got a Wii. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either. Since the system just came with a bunch of Just Dance, I set out on a journey to find a place to buy used games that isn't GameStop. I did it. If that's the best thing that comes out of this questionable addition to my gaming collection, it was worth it. That seems unlikely however, because I bought Super Mario Galaxy. I'll probably take a serious look at the Switch in a year or so, after they've released a version with better battery life and more storage. Buying a Nintendo system at launch is a thankless job.

Why Ever Stop Playing Video Games
This wide-ranging piece covers the role of gaming in addiction, politics, the economy, and employment. It focuses on the satisfying progression and the escape games provide from a real world where progress can seem impossible.
Frank Guan

The implications of Overwatch League
Blizzard recently announced that they were creating an esports league for Overwatch that is closer to IRL sports than any professional gaming league to date. Find out what that could mean for the hit shooter and competitve gaming as a whole. Hot take: the future is gonna be wild, y'all.
Aron Garst

World of Warcraft's gold rush has upended Blizzard’s economy
I'm always fascinated by social or economic experiments within video games. Blizzard's recent change making World of Warcraft gold valid currency for purchasing items in its other games has caused its value to fluctuate wildly. Read about how all this works and the calculus some players are making to get the most value from their virtual coin.
Daniel Friedman

The Black Death Spreads to Videogames With A Plague Tale: Innocence
Post-apocalypse games have been huge for a while now, but there are real events from the past that have felt like the end times. For instance, a disease so deadly and widespread that it put a real dent in the human race. This is the enemy in Asobo Studio's latest game. The mechanics and setting show real potential to be a whole new kind of dreadful.
Garrett Martin

Yoshi's Woolly World, Badges and a Forgotten History of Cheating
Amr Al-aaser examines how cheats have gone from secretive codes that can break the core mechanics of a game to being integrated directly into the final product. In both remasters and sequels, developers are deciding that what was considered "cheating" in a previous game should now be an option or a feature.
Amr Al-Aaser