Good Game Reads 4 - February 3rd 2017

Inside the Troubled Development of Star Citizen
I've certainly heard about Star Citizen's long...long track to release, but I missed this excellent article from last year. Star Citizen's problems sound like they could happen to any distributed team. This team just happens to be crowdfunded by $124 million.
Julian Benson

New GameStop Program Leads Employees To Lie To Customers
It may surprise you to learn that GameStop is still a place that sells video games you can pick up and hold in your hands. They'd just really prefer you not to pick up any new ones.
Jason Schreier

Oculus lawsuit ends with half billion dollar judgment awarded to ZeniMax
In a bit of a surprise ruling, a Texas jury decided that Oculus infringed upon copyright and broke NDA in its path to creating the Rift VR headset. However, it also decided that they didn't steal trade secrets from plaintiff ZeniMax.
Timothy Poon, Brian Crecente

Ex-FreeStyle founders: “The way games are made is broken”
Team members from the 2015 Guitar Hero reboot talk about being layed off after the game didn't hit Activision's sales goals. Experience from shooting so much live-action footage for the game has convinced them to use a Hollywood-style model of development going forward.
James Batchelor

Inside the Steam Marketplace's Indie Haberdashery
Last week I posted a story about the enormous gun skin gambling market in CS:GO. That article fails to mention that those skins can be made by anyone. In fact, making skins and other game cosmetics has become its own cottage industry. Eric Van Allen interviews those who have made it their full-time job.
Eric Van Allen