Good Game Reads 3 - January 27th 2017

How Counter-Strike spawned a $5 billion gambling market you've never heard of
The cliche is worth it. If you only read one of these articles this week, make it this one. Remember hearing something about Valve being sued and issuing cease and desists to CS:GO gambling sites last year? I assure you, the story behind it is more surreal than you think.
Shaun Assael

A Trip Down The LOL Graphics Pipeline
Ever wondered how the world's most popular game renders every frame? A Riot engineer explains and keeps it surprisingly layperson friendly.
Tony Albrecht

DF Retro: Halo - the console shooter that changed everything
Eurogamer breaks down the game that made the Xbox. Linneman talks about how it has held up and the best way to play it today.
John Linneman

Overland Wants You To Stress Out Over Every Move You Make
Overland develper Adam Saltsman reveals the nontraditional path taken to make a game he describes as both XCOM meets Oregon Trail and FTL meets The Last of Us. Whatever mashup it turns out to be closer to, I'm intrigued.
Nick Calandra

How Designers Engineer Luck Into Video Games
A look at the role of luck in games. It turns out that as players we don't want true randomness or to have the odds blatantly rigged in our favor, but something in between.
Simon Parkin