Good Game Reads 13 - April 7th 2017

Writing Indie Games Is Like Being a Musician. In the Bad Way.
This article isn't exactly a confidence builder for anyone wanting to enter the games industry. Vogel is adamant that the number of people trying to make a living making games is not going down and the number of paying jobs for that work is not going to skyrocket. It's a sobering perspective that deserves consideration...
Jeff Vogel

Cally And Her Caves
...But with the right combination of talent, work, and good luck, it is totally possible to do this games thing. That's what the two person team at VDO Games has proven.
Devon Wiersma

Videogames - too fun for their own good?
A developer on the team that made Amnesia and SOMA believes that the mechanics of playing games are so enjoyable that they haven't allowed for the improvement of storytelling. According to him, games have not needed to take the risk of focusing on narrative over gameplay, causing the medium to plateau.
Thomas Grip

Why F.E.A.R.’s AI is still the best in first-person shooters
Is it impressive or sad that this accolade is given to a game made in 2006? Either way, learn how F.E.A.R.'s bad guys got so smart.
Samuel Horti

A No Bullshit Conversation With The Authors Behind The Witcher and Metro 2033
Two authors, two very different takes on their books' video game adaptations. Video games based on books are not a growing trend, but they can do a lot for a medium that is constantly accused of poor storytelling. It may not even matter if the author of your source material thinks they do nothing to "elevate culture".
Piotr Bajda