Good Game Reads 10 - March 17th 2017

Escape To Another World
Young men choosing to leave or being pushed out of the workforce may point to a bigger, looming problem. Ryan Avent makes a convincing argument that today's games offer something more attractive than the real world. But there are pitfalls. "It is not always clear when gaming is the refuge of the trapped and when it is the trap."
Ryan Avent

GDC 2017 talks are now available to watch via the GDC Vault!
The Game Developers Conference took place last week. That means lots of great talks from developers about a huge range of topics in video games. Many of these are available to watch for free. When I say many, I mean enough to keep you busy until next year's GDC.

Building a Better 'Nidhogg'
Nidhogg is one of those rare games that has brought me joy without me ever playing it. It's somewhere between an esport and a party game which is what makes it so much fun to watch. Steven Wright talks to one of the game's two developers about the challenge of building a sequel.
Steven Wright

Nintendo releases Zelda: Breath of the Wild documentary video
OK, so I'm cheating a little this week with two video links. However, I think I'm justified since Nintendo rarely makes their own documentaries. Check out how Breath of the Wild came to be, what was left out, and what it took to build such an huge, intricate world.
Tom Phillips

Riot Games: Taking Play Seriously
For a game with millions of players and over a 100 playable characters, any change is bound to have huge effects. Design Director Greg Street reveals how careful tweaks are made to League of Legends roster, and how new champions are born.
Jem Alexander